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The Super Silly Book of Numbers!

The Super Silly Book of Numbers!

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Dive into the whimsical world of numbers with 'The Super Silly Book of Numbers' – an enchanting addition to the 'Super Silly' educational books series! Watch as your child embarks on a joyous journey of number learning through delightful and silly rhymes that make each numeral come alive.

From zero savoring some alone time to one hundred unveiling beautiful rainbows, every page is adorned with vibrant illustrations and memorable rhymes that turn the process of learning numbers into a delightful experience.

But the excitement doesn't end there! Each number comes with an interactive colouring page, ensuring your child engages in a hands-on activity while absorbing essential numerical concepts. This unique combination of reading and interactive colouring guarantees not only fun but effective learning.

'The Super Silly Book of Numbers' is the perfect companion for children ready to explore the world of numbers with laughter and creativity. Join the adventure in numerical education with this engaging book, part of the 'Super Silly' series. Order now and make learning numbers a super silly, memorable experience!


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