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The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact- E Book

The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact- E Book

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Embark on an exhilarating quest in "The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact"! The Statue of Anubis, a powerful ancient artifact housed at the esteemed Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, has been nefariously snatched from its rightful place. The stakes are high, and it's now in your hands to solve the gripping mystery of who stole this invaluable treasure and retrieve it before calamity strikes. Immerse yourself in this thrilling activity book as you step into the shoes of a detective, employing your problem-solving abilities, memory skills, and wit to unravel 16 captivating clues and expose the culprit.

Designed for ages 11-14, "The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact" promises an engaging and immersive experience that combines education and entertainment. This activity book challenges young minds, promoting critical thinking, memory retention, and problem-solving prowess.

Prepare for an exciting adventure as you embark on a race against time to recover the stolen artifact. Every page brings you closer to unraveling the mystery and restoring this ancient treasure to its rightful place. Let your inner detective shine as you crack codes, analyze evidence, and unveil the truth.

"The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact" is the ideal choice for young adventurers seeking a captivating and intellectually stimulating activity. Get ready to dive into a world of intrigue, excitement, and ancient wonders as you embark on this thrilling quest. Join us now to solve the mystery, retrieve the stolen artifact, and safeguard history!

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