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The Great Fairytale Mix-Up Mystery Activity- with physical clues

The Great Fairytale Mix-Up Mystery Activity- with physical clues

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Embark on a captivating adventure with "The Great Fairytale Mix-up" activity book! With 40 exciting pages, children aged 6-9 can step into the shoes of a detective and unlock their problem-solving prowess. This immersive mystery experience challenges young minds to crack 16 clues, exercise comprehension, memory, and critical thinking skills, all while unraveling the identity of the culprit.

The comprehensive set includes the activity workbook, accompanied by four physical clue items,  a helpful hint page, and an illuminating answer page. With this all-in-one package, your child will engage in a delightful journey of reading, learning, and problem-solving, fostering their cognitive development in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

While deciphering the mysteries, your child may occasionally require your assistance with the clues. To confirm their solutions, simply visit the Junior Detective Agency on Instagram. By following the private page and locating the matching graphic for your mystery, all 16 answers will be unveiled, providing a sense of accomplishment and learning reinforcement.

"The Great Fairytale Mix-up" offers a perfect blend of entertainment and educational value, igniting your child's passion for reading and empowering them to tackle challenges with confidence. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse your child in this engaging and enriching experience.

Unlock the world of detective skills, problem-solving, and imaginative storytelling by obtaining a copy of "The Great Fairytale Mix-up" activity book today. Watch as your child's love for reading, learning, and problem-solving blossoms through this enchanting adventure!

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