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Saving CAWH

Saving CAWH

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Join Cindy and Sam as they reunite with their enchanting friends, Rosco, The Purple Raccoon, and his loyal companions after a four-year absence.

Despite their annual summer searches in the woods, a sense of unease lingers, fueling their concerns for their furry friends' safety. However, this summer brings a glimmer of hope as a mysterious message from Rosco, and Charlie reaches the siblings, signalling imminent danger. Prepare to Enter a World of Vibrant Wonders as Cindy and Sam Dive into the Extraordinary Realm of their Colorful Animal Friends. As they venture forth, a new peril threatens their cherished companions, and Cindy and Sam must summon their courage to overcome the odds.

Can they rescue their friends and safeguard the mesmerizing realm of Cawh from this ominous menace before it's too late? Don't Miss Out on this Unforgettable Quest, Packed with Heartwarming Connections and Gripping Suspense. Discover the bonds of friendship and the resilience of the human spirit as Cindy and Sam embark on an epic journey that will test their bravery and determination. Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions and an exhilarating race against time in this must-read adventure!

Saving CAWH is a middle-grade adventure written for kids 8-12 and is the second book in the award-winning, The Purple Raccoon book series.


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