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It's Christmas Party like a Monster E-Book

It's Christmas Party like a Monster E-Book

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Get ready to experience a monstrously magical Christmas with "It's Christmas, Party like a Monster"! Join six of the most beloved monsters as they dive into the festive season, spreading cheer and celebrating in their unique way. From baking mouthwatering treats to adorning their surroundings with dazzling decorations, wrapping presents with care, and joyfully playing in the snowy wonderland, these monsters know how to party like no other!

"It's Christmas, Party like a Monster" presents a delightful and straightforward story that will captivate kids 3+, regardless of whether monsters scare them or are their absolute favorite! 

Immerse yourself in a fun-filled adventure, where the spirit of Christmas and the whimsy of monsters merge into a delightful tale. Don't miss out on this enchanting reading experience, designed to spark imaginations and fill hearts with festive joy!

To delve deeper into the world of these hilarious monsters, don't miss out on "A Guide to Finding Your Monster Best Friend." This companion book introduces an array of amusing monsters and more! It's the perfect read to accompany "It's Christmas, Party Like a Monster," catering to their sense of wonder and showing them the joy of embracing these lovable creatures.

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