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Crimes Covens & Curses- Volume One in the Curious Case Mystery Series

Crimes Covens & Curses- Volume One in the Curious Case Mystery Series

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1st Place Winner of the 2023 Purple Dragonfly Award in the Collection of Short Stories category

Are you ready to put your detective skills to the ultimate test? Unleash your inner sleuth and dive into the captivating world of Crimes, Covens & Curses: Volume One in The Curious Case Mystery Series! This book is designed to challenge and engage amateur detectives like yourself, providing an opportunity to hone your problem-solving abilities and showcase your unrivalled talent for cracking intricate mysteries.

Inside the pages of this enthralling volume, you'll discover ten cunning mysteries awaiting your examination and deduction. Each short mystery is carefully crafted with all the clues you need to unravel the case. Immerse yourself in the intricate details, spot patterns, and stay vigilant for red herrings that may mislead you. Once you feel confident in your solution, head to the answer section of the book to check if you cracked the case and uncover the truth behind each enigma.

Crimes, Covens & Curses not only challenges your critical thinking skills and problem-solving prowess but also encourages the development of a creative aptitude. As you tackle each mystery, you'll upgrade your ability to think outside the box, enhancing your overall cognitive abilities. Additionally, some mysteries may require you to apply knowledge beyond the book's contents, prompting you to combine your detective skills with a dash of research. Trust in your abilities, and we are confident you'll conquer these challenges with finesse.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the detective's seat and embark on an exhilarating journey where your mystery-solving skills will be put to the test. With Crimes, Covens & Curses, you'll discover an entertaining and intellectually stimulating experience that will keep you engaged from beginning to end. Are you up for the challenge? Let the investigations begin!


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