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The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact- with physical clues

The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact- with physical clues

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Embark on an exhilarating journey of mystery-solving with "The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact" activity book! Spanning 40 captivating pages, this immersive experience allows your child to step into the shoes of a detective and crack the case. The priceless Statue of Anubis, housed at the esteemed Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, has been stolen, and it's of utmost importance to recover this ancient artifact before it falls into the wrong hands. With this thrilling mystery tailored for kids aged 11-14, your child will engage their comprehension, problem-solving, memory, and critical thinking skills to decipher 16 clues and expose the culprit.

This comprehensive set includes a thought-provoking workbook, complemented by four physical clue items, a helpful hint page, and an illuminating answer page. By providing these essential components, we ensure that your child can fully immerse themselves in an interactive and educational experience, fostering a love for reading, learning, and problem-solving in an engaging manner.

While unraveling the mysteries, your child may occasionally seek your guidance for some of the clues. To verify their solutions, simply visit the Junior Detective Agency on Instagram. By following the private page and locating the graphic that corresponds to your mystery, all 16 answers will be unveiled, offering a sense of accomplishment and reinforcing their learning.

"The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact" offers an ideal blend of entertainment and educational value, providing a perfect platform for your child to enhance their reading skills, expand their knowledge, and develop problem-solving abilities through an exciting and engaging adventure.

Don't miss the opportunity to ignite your child's curiosity and intellect. Unlock the secrets of detective work, problem-solving, and ancient artifacts by obtaining a copy of "The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact" activity book today. Watch as your child's love for reading, learning, and unraveling mysteries flourishes through this immersive and captivating journey.

Take the first step towards an unforgettable adventure! Get your hands on "The Mystery of the Stolen Artifact" activity book and let your child's inner detective shine.

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