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The Fate of the Feline-E Book

The Fate of the Feline-E Book

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Get ready for an epic time-travelling adventure with the Junior Detective Agency! Join Luke, Priya, Emma-Lynn, Brianna, Rohan, Akira, and Kai, a group of unstoppable tweens who stumble upon a hidden time portal in Luke's attic.

 Guided by the quirky and enigmatic Clarissa, these young sleuths are thrust back in time to Ancient Egypt. Their mission? To unravel the baffling disappearance of Pharaoh Khufu's cherished cat, Nefetti. With their quick wits and unique talents, the Junior Detectives are the only hope in solving an ancient mystery that refuses to stay buried.

The Fate of the Feline is a thrilling race against time, as the Junior Detectives must crack the case before the time portal seals them in the past forever.

The Junior Detective Agency novels blend real historical elements with gripping fiction, creating an unforgettable rollercoaster of adventure and suspense.

 Will they save the day, or will history rewrite their future?

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