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The Case of the Stolen Treasure- Book Only

The Case of the Stolen Treasure- Book Only

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2023 Purple Dragonfly Awards 1st Place Winner in Activity Books!

Yo Ho! Someone has stolen the pirate's treasure!

​​​​​​​Get ready for an exciting adventure as you become a detective in 'The Case of the Stolen Treasure'! Join the hunt for the missing pirate's treasure and uncover the truth about the thief and their secret hiding spot. This interactive activity book is designed for children aged 9-11, offering a captivating mystery that fosters comprehension, problem-solving, memory skills, and critical thinking. With 16 clues to decipher, your child will engage their wits and unravel the mystery. Discover an enjoyable and educational reading experience that encourages your kids to develop their analytical abilities while having a blast!


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