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My Creativity Journal- 100 Lined pages

My Creativity Journal- 100 Lined pages

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100 Page Notebook for Kids to get their imaginations going!

Do you want to be a writer? An illustrator? Maybe a digital creator? This is the perfect journal for creative kids that want to make sure that none of their creative ideas are ever forgotten. This journal is designed for jotting down creative ideas, inspirations, stories and any fun or funny idea that comes to mind.

Each My Creativity Journal has 100 8.5X11 lined pages with lots of space for writing down every creative thought.
Did you know that writing things down on paper helps kids process their thoughts better? Using a creativity journal is a great way to encourage your child to express their creativity, whether they want to keep those ideas private or share them with the world. Why should kids keep a journal or diary?

No idea is a bad idea, and every good story, poem, movie or video starts with a great idea! Start writing those ideas down now because one of those ideas might just become something huge one day.

And never forget... you are creative, your ideas are great, and everything great starts with an idea.
Creative kids become creative adults, and we need more creative adults in this world. Every child has an amazing story that needs to be told. Let’s be honest; they probably each have 10, 20, 30 or even 100 creative stories that they should put down on paper.

What a great gift it is to their future self to look back on the creative ideas they had as a child. It might just inspire them in their adult life.

My Creativity Journal makes a great gift for:
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holidays
  • Start or End of School Gifts
  • Homeschool workbook
Grab a copy for your favourite creative kid today!

Get your kids away from their screens and using their brains with a journal just for imagination!
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