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It's Halloween! Party like a Monster

It's Halloween! Party like a Monster

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Get ready to embrace the spooktacular spirit with "It's Halloween, Party like a Monster"! Join six of the most beloved monsters as they don their costumes and embark on a thrilling trick-or-treating adventure through town. This delightful children's book captures the essence of Halloween, where the monsters' playful antics ensure that the night is filled with treats rather than tricks!

"It's Halloween, Party like a Monster" offers a captivating and uncomplicated storyline that will captivate children, regardless of whether monsters scare them or are their absolute favorite! It's the perfect read for children aged 3-6 who are eager to embrace the Halloween festivities and discover the magic of friendship with these lovable creatures.

​​​​​​​ For those eager to dive deeper into the world of these amusing monsters, don't miss out on "A Guide to Finding Your Monster Best Friend." This companion book introduces an array of delightful monsters and more!


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