FAQs and return policy

1. Will my child be able to do the mystery on their own?

If you choose an age appropriate book your child should be able to do most of it on their own but might require your help for a few questions.

2. Can we do a mystery as a family activity?

Absolutely! They make great whole family activities.

3. What if we are both stumped on a clue?

Go towards the back of the book and you will find a hints page, the hints should help you solve the clue you are stumped on. You can always skip one and go back to it if it's really stumping you.

4. I want to know if we got all the answers right, is there somewhere we can check?

Yes! If you follow the private instagram page Junior Detective Agency you will see the four mysteries there, click on the one you are looking for the answers to and swipe to the next image to reveal the 16 answers.

 Return Policy

All books are checked for quality prior to being shipped and are final sale.