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A Guide to Finding your Monster Best Friend

A Guide to Finding your Monster Best Friend

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2023 Purple Dragonfly Award Winner!

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Your Monster Best Friend Awaits!

Discover the enchanting world of friendly monsters in "A Guide to Finding Your Monster Best Friends"! Don't let appearances deceive you – monsters are actually kind, amiable, and delightfully hilarious. Are you ready to embark on an adventure that introduces you to the coolest monsters who love lurking under beds? Join me as I unveil these extraordinary creatures and guide you in finding the perfect monster companion – your ultimate best friend!

This captivating book is tailor-made for children aged 3-9 who have a deep fondness for monsters or those who may feel a little apprehensive about them. With its heartwarming narrative, it aims to demonstrate that monsters are far from being scary. In fact, this delightful read may even convince your little ones that having a monster under their bed could be a wonderful thing!

Perfect for bedtime, "A Guide to Finding Your Monster Best Friend" takes you on a journey where each page introduces a different monster. Through these enchanting encounters, your children will feel comforted, knowing that if there is indeed a monster in their bed, it's likely to be incredibly friendly.

Written by a dynamic mother and son duo, and with the imaginative input of an 8-year-old monster enthusiast, this book is a testament to the power of creativity and the joy of embracing unique friendships. Get ready to dive into a whimsical world where monsters and children forge lasting bonds that will warm your heart and spark endless imaginative adventures!

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