Easy and Fun March Break Activities

It's that time of year! The kids are home for a week, and you want to find ways to keep them happily entertained without spending a fortune.  Well, not to worry; have you covered with lots of easy and fun activities!t

Fairy Dough

Fairy dough is fun, easy, and oh so soft! all you need is 1 part hair conditioner to 2 parts corn starch and food colouring (optional).  Just mix it all together, and your kids will love squishing and m this super soft dough.  Watch the tutorial here!

Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant toothpaste is similar to a traditional volcano, but rather than erupting all over the place, the chemical reaction turns into a big foamy tube that kind of looks like toothpaste being squeezed. For this, you'll need Hydrogen peroxide, yeast, warm water and an empty plastic bottle. You can watch the full tutorial here!

Polkadot Painting

Polkadot painting is simple and easy and results in some great art!  All you need is a piece of paper, cotton swaps, paint (washable works fine) and something to scrape the paint with, like a squeegee or a ruler.  Start by putting a cotton swab into each paint container, then use the swabs to put different c dots all over the page. Once you're done putting the dots, use the squeegee or ruler and scrape off the excess and move it along the page. T results in a really cool colourful picture! See s instructions here!

Art Dump Table

If you want to do a fun art activity with your kids that doesn't require any preplanning, try an art dump tablet.  For this, start with p and spread them out over the surface you're using. Then dump a bunch of art supplies like paint, markers, stickers, crayons and googly eyes o the paper and let the kids go nuts! They can create whatever they want, and it will keep them happily occupied for ages! See an example of how we did it here!

Whatever you decide to do during March Break, I hope you and your kids have a fantastic time!